Football Pool table hire

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers and creative marketing!

footpool table for sale

With hire rates from as low as £150 per day, our tables provide the perfect attraction for both private and public events. Whether it be a one-off promotional day in a shopping centre to stir up a crowd, something different for a stag do or a longer term rental to bring people into your establishment, Football Pool UK can provide you with a quick, easy and affordable solution that we guarantee everyone will be talking about.

Football Pool is an inclusive game, meaning that you don't have to be Lionel Messi or Aryen Robben to put the ball in our huge tables pockets. Anyone can play, and believe us, anyone can win! The ultimate leveller - as you try and 'find your feet' with this amazing new game there will be fouls galore until you hone your technique - we warn you, it takes a while to get used to and there lies the fun!

Who is it for?

Our cutting-edge tables offer a fantastic fusion between football and pool, two of the nations favourite games. Foot pool is colourful, fun, vibrant and accessible for all. Kids, youth's and adults alike can all 'step up' onto our tables and try their pot luck. Each rental comes with a game-guide packed full of ideas and fun adaptations to ensure every football pool event puts smiles on faces, and bums on seats! We do everything from half-day and 24-hour table hire to 3, 6 and 12 month longer term leasing to venues and establishments.

The X-5 Table is the safest table on the market with a range of features that ensure you wont slip, trip or go in-off whilst enjoying your game. Our reduced bounce Futsal balls stay on the table and are unlikely to be seen rolling across the dancefloor! Already having had huge success on the weddings circuit in 2015, some of our users dubbed the Football Pool table 'the next photo booth'. Be one of the first to showcase this amazing game at your celebration?

football pool is available nationwide - book now!

Football Pool table

Peterboro & Cambridgeshire

The Football Pool UK X-5 has landed in Peterborough with bookings and hire outs available throughout September. Get your christmas POOL PARTY booked in ASAP!

Footpool table in Essex

London, Colchester & Essex

The nationwide Football Pool machine would not be complete without a top provider running in the South. We are taking bookings NOW for October 2015.

girls on football pool table

Southampton & Hampshire

Our premium X-5 tables are available to hire in Southampton & wider Hampsire with a number of table themes American-style or UK-style pool balls & coloured cloths!

Football pool table in teesside

Middlesborough & Teesside

Football Pool fans in the North now will soon have football pool available in your area! Our teesside team's table is about to land. We are taking advance bookings NOW!